New technologies

Machining of molds

Thermoplastics Benicarlo has provided technical office with CAD-CAM we design molds and machining strategies applied technology.

Our design department is connected with CNC machines, three mills, erosion by penetration and an extensive range of ancillary machines (lathe, grinder, drills etc).

Production plant

We are equipped to manufacture injection plastic parts ranging from 30TN, 55Tn, 90Tn, 150Tn, 250Tn, and 400T, asimismas equipped with peripherals, driers, atemperadores robots and manipulators.

We have experience in the manufacture of parts in PE, PP, POM, PS, ABS, PA, PC, PPS, PBT, etc rubbers.

Gas-assisted injection

The company maintains and continuously develops actions to increase quality levels, the gas injection is a technique pioneered in the manufacture of thick pieces.

Available nitrogen storage equipment controlled by computer systems to ensure process control and high quality.

Other processes

We have also acquired extensive experience in the manufacture of parts to be subsequently subjected to plating processes for the lighting industry, and chrome processes for the sanitation sector.


We also have several patented own products and products we manufacture in which we have been closely involved in the design and patent together with our customer.


Our assembly department is qualified to provide a finished and tested product in working condition